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      Xixi Yuezi Guiyang Anxin Store was established in July 2017 and is located on the bank of Bailu Lake in Guanshan Lake District, Guiyang City. It is quiet and comfortable. Guiyang Anxin Store has more than 50 monthly quilts, special elevators, hospital-level hospital protection, five-star accommodation environment, and exclusive service butler service to create a comfortable and comfortable month. Create love ■ Pass love. Xixi Anxin store services include: baby professional care, mother professional nursing, science month meal conditioning, expert rounds, physical therapy postpartum repair, early neonatal teaching, Hantong painless opening, Anxin family class, etc.

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  • 貴州月子中心的價格
  • 貴州月子中心的價格
  • 貴州月子護理
  • 貴州母嬰護理
  • 月子餐
  • 月子餐
  • 月子餐
  • 月子餐
  • 月子餐
  • 月子餐

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300 yuan Korean style breast milk online collection

Free monthly meal try to make an online appointment for pregnant women only

Scheduled delivery postage package



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